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Appearance and style

Use the arrows to customize your character

Wheel chair icon
Skin color

Click on the circle of the desired skin color.

Save your avatar

Now you can download a PNG of your avatar, use it as you like!

What is this?

Lottie-based avatar customization concept

We created this avatar customization system from the idea of taking advantage of the animation and vector manipulation capabilities of Lottie files, so that a different configuration can be used for each character created, using a single Lottie file.

This system was used to bring a company pride parade to life. Allowing users to create an avatar during the account creation process, to be later shown marching along with other participants.

Who we are?

We are web design shop based in Costa Rica, who loves to innovate and get involved in challeging projects. If you want to talk to us, feel free to write to

Concept, Design & Development: Impulso Studio
Character design & Motion graphics: Vibrato Studio

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